Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another leftover HAM recipe!

This was one my mom made up when we had Sophie and we love it! We have it everytime we do a ham and it's so simple.

Leftover Ham, cubed
2 cans Crm Mushroom Soup
Dash of Milk
Green Bell Pepper, chopped
Noodles, cooked

We just cube the leftover ham into cooked noodles, add soup and a little milk to thin to desired consistancy and then chopped bell pepper. It's amazingly good!

Ham and Beans
On the ham topic, we also like to soak beans overnight and then add the ham bone to the crockpot the next day with some onion, garlic, salt, and pepper for ham and beans.

****Also just wanted to say THANKS, BRANDY for the barbecue leftover roast idea! Dave LOVED it! Awesome idea, thanks!

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