Monday, August 25, 2008

Cranberry Cider Mix

Hi with school starting again (and finally getting into the blog again) I was reminded of this recipe. Last year at Christmas I gave this to my daughter's teacher as a gift. The original recipe also comes with instructions on how to make easy apple looking gift bags to put the cider mix in. So for her teacher I gave her the cute apple bag in a basket with two oranges. Oh and the spices are easy to find and not very expensive at Cost Plus World Market.

Cranberry Cider Mix

12 cinnamon sticks broken (a hammer works well)
1/2 cup sweetened dried cranberries
1 T whole allspice
1 T nutmeg
1/2 t ground cloves (you can also use whole cloves)
*You will also need 2 oranges and a bottle of apple cider to make the spiced cider.

Mix all ingredients together, and store in an air tight container. Include instructions with the gift.

Instructions: In a large sauce pan or crockpot, combine 2 quarts apple cider, 1 quart water and the cranberry cider mix. Heat till warm. Add 2 sliced oranges. Makes 3 quarts.

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Amy said...

If anyone wants the instructions for the bag just leave me your email in the comments and I can send you the PDF or go to

look under their free downloads and then look under crafts, I think it was on about page 5