Monday, September 25, 2006

Brats & Salad

We've been eating brats all weekend, so I decided to post our favorite meal, even though it's very simple.


1 pkg Johnsonville Brats (frozen or fresh)

*If fresh, we just fry them up in a very little bit of oil. If they are frozen, it is sometimes helpful to boil them first to help the center get cooked. They're done when they're no longer pink inside.

*We love to eat them with a slice of sour dough bread or a baguette.
*Also amazing, are the maggi brand spaeztle noodles. they come in a yellow box and cost like $5, but last 2 meals (if you have self control...they really are so so good!) You just boil them.


1/2 avacodo
Romaine lettuce
cheese chunks

Toss with a little bit of nice vinegar (i like rasberry flavored or a good balsamic) and oil, salt & pepper!



Amy said...

Do you put anything on the spaeztle noodles?
I've never tried these but noodles of any kind are a hit at my house and it would be fun to try something new!

lenabell said...

nope, just a bit of butter (and sometimes salt) at the end. but you can put ham or something if you wanted to. i think there are even suggestions on the back of the box.