Monday, September 25, 2006

I Just Want To Say Thanks!

I wanted to tell all the contributing members thanks so much for sharing these recipes ... even if only us four utilize this blog, it has sparked my cooking creativity and increased my desire to cook dinner for my family! We've only been doing this for 6 days and already have over 20 amazing recipes. Let's keep going and when we have oodles and oodles, we'll compile and proof it and (here's my two ideas) take it to kinko's and have them make nice spiral bound copies (as cheaply, but nicely as possible) which we can give to friends and family for Christmas AND/OR see if we can't find some niche to fill in the recipe book industry and publish it and split the millions of profits that are sure to pour in! Wouldn't that be freaking awesome? Collaborate, get published and make money just by compiling what we cook for dinner?! You wanna be rich right? I do ... and if not, at least well fed.

Thank you!



Janet said...

I find myself looking forward to the kids going to bed and Dave taking a bath so that I can come check the blog. It's so much fun! Plus, we haven't had enchiladas or tuna casserole in a long time. Seeing everyone else's dinner ideas makes me think about making different and exciting meals for my family instead of the same 5 or 6 entrees we usually rotate through.

lenabell said...

k, i tried to post earlier, but i don't know what happened.

but, yes, i totally echo those sentiments. and i think the cookbook idea is fabulous!

Amy said...

Thank You! This is a great thing. Janet and I have traded recipes for a long time and this is just as much fun. I've even found myself going through my mass of recipes to see what I haven't made in awhile to make and post.

Mrs. B. Roth said...

Just FYI, sometimes this blogspot thing is tempermental .. like it gives you fits and makes you mad and won't cooperate. I recommend typing posts in word and copying htem over in case the site here is being difficult, then you can just try to post later as opposed to wasting a ton of time and losing it all.