Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hey My Awesome Contributors

I am compiling all our recipes into Word so as to format them into a cook book more easily (a project I should have started 2 months ago). Can I just make a couple of requests ... please post recipes as posts, not as a comment, feel free to do more than one recipe per post, but keep them up as posts even if they are in response to a recipe request. Also, if after you post, you realize you missed an ingredient or a step or have some alternate serving suggestions or anything that would contribute to the recipe, please take a second to go back to your post and edit it. I'm going to change the archive to weekly instead of monthly and copy the recipes over to the word program once a week and uniformly format them. I have already copied over all the recipes so far and gone through the comments for alternate serving suggestions, etc. So just take these suggestions from now on.

Also, as far as formatting and cookbook stuff goes ... what's your favorite organizational method? By main ingredient, by type of dish (main, side, dessert), random, other? Oh, and try to give your recipes a sassy descriptive yummy name - even if you just call it hamburger and rice-a-roni, adjectives do wonders for me when I'm looking for a recipe. I'll make Super Amazing Chocolate Chips Cookies way sooner than just chocolate chip cookies. And I love the story behind the recipe stuff we get occasionally, makes things more personal. And how concerned are you about being credited for the specific recipes you submit? Is it okay if all contributor names are on the cover and title page, but not on each specific recipe .. or maybe I want to give credit where it belongs so that the story behind the recipes make more sense .. not sure, what do you think?

Anyway, keep up the good work! Feel free to post your less than gourmet, every day meals, too, the fast and easy things you have found to fix. And if you find or hear or try something new that is fabu, make a post.

Finally - how many recipes should a cook book have, do you think? I'm sure the more the better (as long as it's not a bunch of repeats with slight variations, those bug me) but should we work hard and try to get enough to put a book together by Christmas (like a spiral bound kinkos special for friends and family) or be more relaxed and let it be until there are enough?

Did I ever tell you I was a control FREAK about projects? You shoulda seen me in my psych project groups and as primary pres. Yeah, unassuming little brandy .. perfectionist CONTROL FREAK! Forgive me my neurosis!


Janet said...

Your energy leaves me breathless! LOL I like the cookbook idea but I feel as if trying to put one together by Christmas may be rushing things a bit. It seems to me that in order to get everyone's best recipes we should collect for at least most of a calendar year. Fall weather makes me think of fall food, spring makes me think of spring food. You see where I'm going with this? A lot of our favorite recipes aren't actually written anywhere but I see something or smell something and it makes me remember to cook something good. I'm curious how the rest of you go about choosing your foods. Do you do the same thing? Or are you more structured? I think the blog's helped me because now when I'm marveling over some dish I like I come and post it instead of trying to remember it years later (like beans and rice) and wondering what exactly I used to put in it (thanks Amy)!

Mrs. B. Roth said...

You're right, go through a whole year, seasonal changes. I am just anxious to do it ... cuz I want to have it. But a year will give much more opportunity to recall the bests and favorites and etc.

lenabell said...

Ditto to both of you. I want to let it be "organic" and be done when we're done. But, I'm so excited to have it already!!!!

Thanks B. Roth for all your hard work!