Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pork Chops with Mushroom Gravy

As I prepared this evening's dinner I was, once again, amazed at the versatility of mushroom soup (which we buy by the case). Today I am cooking in the crock pot (imagine that) but this also works well in a covered skillet if you brown your chops first and then cook for another 45 minutes with the rest of the ingredients, until they're nicely done and not a food poisoning danger any longer (check your thermometer if you're uncertain)
Pork Chops (we like 1" thick, center cut chops)
Cream of mushroom soup (I use 1 can for every 4 pork chops)
Onion, sliced (as much as you like)
Worchestershire Sauce (a few splashes)
Sour cream - 2 Tbsp or so (optional, add at the end)
Layer the ingredients in the crock pot in the order listed. Turn it on and wait 4-6 hours. If you would like your gravy a little bit more rich add the sour cream - we usually don't. I serve this dish with skillet potatoes. Cut the potatoes in half and score them diagonally both directions across the cut surfaces (make a grid). melt about 1/2 stick of butter in your skillet and cook with the lid closed about 30 minutes or until done. Turn the potatoes half way through cooking. Do not layer the potato halves. Works best with small potatoes.

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