Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Janet I found the carrot recipe!!!

Glazed Carrots

1 lb baby carrots
3 tbls butter
2 1/2 tbls brown sugar
1 tbls dijon mustard

Microwave carrots till crisp tender about 6-8 minutes. I have also done this recipe with cooked frozen carrots.

In a skillet melt butter- stir in brown sugar and mustard to make a smooth sauce, Add carrots and toss. Cook one more minute.


Janet said...

Yea!!!! I think that's about what I've been doing trying to recreate that old recipe. I was wondering if fresh pressed garlic would be too. What do you think? Good? Or too much?

Amy said...

I'm not sure about the garlic, I'd try it and if the sauce didn't taste good I just wouldn't put the carrots in it.